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Drive additional revenue from the first purchase to the next

Clyde's protection plans increase AOV by 14%.  New customers are given a Clyde Account with their first purchase. This account keeps customers engaged with your brand across the product lifetime, making it easy to capture more sales when coverage expires.

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Simple e-commerce integration and in-store solutions

Our platform integrates with your website—or at the sales counter—in minutes. You run your store exactly as normal, and we handle every aspect of your protection plan offering. You can even use our dashboard to set your offerings to autopilot and we’ll constantly optimize their pricing to increase your conversions and margin.

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How it works

From all-hands to hands-off, our platform accommodates teams of all sizes and levels of engagement. Retailers can own their program offering from end-to-end, or set the entire offering to autopilot. When using autopilot, your business gains from Clyde’s best practices with automated, up-to-date optimization.

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Install Clyde

Integrate seamlessly using our suite of tools, online, offline, in an app or after a sale.

Start Selling

Customers easily select the product protection of their choice – during their purchase or after.

File A Claim

All customers have instant access to their Clyde dashboard where they can view terms and file claims.

Build Loyalty

We take all measures to insure that your customer’s product is repaired or replaced and delivered seamlessly to their front door.

A completely seamless shopping experience

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Customers purchase protection plans through your store and pay for them in your normal checkout process.

You control the look, feel and placement of your CTA’s and we email customers clear contract information.

Fully automated operations built directly into your platform

  • Instant delivery of easy-to-digest terms and conditions upon making a purchase
  • Billing, refunds, credits – all built into your integration and reported in your dashboard
  • Top performing, auto optimizing, co-branded CTAs, launched with a single line of code (or none at all)
  • Geo specific and compliant CTAs based on your customer's location
  • Permission driven account management for your admins, customer success team, sales team, and floor managers
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Maximize revenue with post-purchase campaigns

Clyde gives your customers the flexibility to add warranty coverage post-purchase, to make sure there are no missed opportunities to earn revenue and file a claim. Post-purchase emails are merchant-led, giving you full control over the look and feel of customer communications.

Post Purchase

Real time analytics

Multidimensional analytics at your fingertips to help improve your program, products, and customer experience. Clyde's  success team puts optimization of your program on autopilot and‍ those results to your dashboard and top line.


Fair, hassle-free billing

When a protection plan is sold you collect the full sale price, which includes the premium and your margin. Your margin is the extra revenue you make on top of the premium.

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Connect your bank account and collect your margin.

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No commitment necessary. You can stop offering plans at any time.

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The tools to build confidence in your products and loyalty to your brand.

Increase revenue by offering reliable product protection plans

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