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Clyde’s Partner Program enables digital agencies and technology companies to support businesses looking to offer warranty and product lifecycle management experiences.

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Open a unique line of services by offering product protection and lifecycle management solutions
Get access to onboarding resources, training, and collateral to educate your teams on warranties
Earn revenue from client referrals and get in front of merchants on the lookout for your services
Unlock preferred pricing and discounts for your clients
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Anyone who helps eCommerce business grow is a good fit for Clyde’s partner program. Clyde works with agencies, technology companies, consultants, and more.
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The integration with BigCommerce was simple and frictionless. Anything that adds to the top line, helps our customers, and is low effort is a no-brainer. There are no upfront costs associated with Clyde, so it was really a win-win for everyone”

-Fawzi Karout, Director of Marketing

For a product that lives in a bathroom and is used by children, Clyde helped assure that our customers' investments are accident-safe. Usage of Clyde has helped improve our overall customer satisfaction by 35% in comparison to not having Clyde as an option. Additionally, using the post purchase feedback on warranty claims adds an additional point for data collection as we endeavor to evolve our products.

- Atul Shastry, Customer Experience Manager, Autobrush

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