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Customer lifetime value starts with product loyalty and ends with stellar service

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In all the moments when a customer’s brand loyalty hangs in the balance, Clyde is there to close the loop on a first purchase, to turn a broken product into a lifelong customer, to help businesses inspire long term confidence in their brand, and to help people confidently use the things they love.

A complete platform for product coverage and claims management

Clyde empowers your customers to manage the life cycle of the products they've purchased. The customer dashboard gives an all-in-one view of protected products and enables customers to view contracts, file claims, or buy coverage on eligible items.
When a customer takes post-purchase action we return this information directly to your business dashboard. You're always in the loop on how your customers grow with their (your) products.

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How it works for your customers

When a customer purchases a Clyde contract they get instant access to a personalized dashboard. Here they can review products they've bought, buy product protection if they haven't done so, view easy to understand terms and conditions, file a claim, and track its progress.

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Receive contract info and create an account

When your customer purchases coverage, Clyde instantly sends them their contract info with a link to Here, they can view their products, buy coverage, and file claims.

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View contracts and get reminders

Clyde sends emails to contract owners every 6-months reminding them about coverage benefits and how to file a claim. In the customer dashboard, they can see how long is left before the end of their coverage.

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File a claim or renew

Customers can file a claim or renew their contract through their dashboard. Clyde offers auto-adjudication, or real-time claims decisions. Our auto-resolution capabilities provide multiple ways of claim fulfillment.

Contract info and product history, all in one place

Clyde's customer dashboard is the easiest way for an end-customer to view their protection plan, file claims, and understand their product's history. In the customer dashboard your customers can:

  • Buy coverage if a purchase was made without it
  • View all covered products
  • Renew expired contracts
  • View bullet points and a summary of your terms and conditions
  • File a claim with all person data pre-filled
  • Update your personal info for future purchases and renewals
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Protection summary and terms written in plain english

Clyde summarizes terms and conditions into bullet points and summary value propositions. Retailers can customize this content from their dashboard using Clyde's modular content system.  Never miss an opportunity to show value. Tailor your bullet points and value props to the tone of your customer and company style.

Terms and conditions

Pre-filled claims and bi-monthly reminders about their product

Clyde pre-fills your customers claims reports to make filing easy and accurate. We send reminders to your customers every other month that they purchased a contract and can file a claim instantly on their Clyde account.

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Drive brand loyalty by offering reliable product protection plans

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