We're fixing protection plans from top to bottom

The way protection plans are bought, sold, and used is broken. Insurance companies have a hard time onboarding new businesses. Businesses struggle to connect products to plans, and plans to their store. And customers don’t understand terms and conditions or how to make claims.

We're on a mission to fix that. Our insurance tech platform transforms an expensive, technically demanding, six month process into a simple to set up, 3-minute breeze that helps businesses drive greater revenue, brand loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Our Investors

We’re proud to be backed by some of the industry’s leading tech investors. Together we’re making product protection plans work better for everyone—businesses, customers, and insurance companies.

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Join Clyde

Our job is to help businesses close the loyalty loop by innovating how product protection plans are bought, sold and used. If you want to help, here are some roles we’d love to fill.