What Clyde Stands For

The data tells a clear story: offering customers product protection plans increases customer loyalty. What Clyde has proven over the course of the last year is that offering protection plans through a delightful customer experience leads to more protection plan sales and even greater customer loyalty. To date, Clyde’s average attachment rate has more than doubled the industry’s average.

But Clyde isn’t solely focused on selling more protection plans. The relationship between Clyde and the customer continues after a protection plan is bought, and so today we took another huge step in developing the best product protection experience in the industry.

An End-to-End Customer Experience

Today we’re thrilled to announce the re-launch of hiclyde.com, our end customer-facing portal. Hiclyde.com has been entirely revamped to provide the most seamless process for buying coverage, managing purchases, viewing terms of coverage, and filing a claim.

We understand that Clyde’s responsibilities to customers do not end after they have checked out from a store and bought coverage. A product protection program is only as strong as its ability to resolve customers’ issues, so unless the claims experience is simple, easy to navigate, and yields positive outcomes, the sale of a protection plan alone is not going to produce a repeat customer. In re-building our customer portal, Clyde has created a superior, truly end-to-end product protection experience that will help stores close the customer loyalty loop.

How it works:

Create an account

Customers create an account on hiclyde.com with the email they used when they checked out from a store. The products they’ve purchased from stores Clyde has partnered with automatically appear in their dashboard.

Buy coverage

We’ve learned that shoppers are driven to purchase protection at different points in their shopping journey. Customers of our partner stores will now have 30-60 days to purchase a protection plan on hiclyde.com after they’ve checked out from the store. Customers who have purchased an eligible product will be automatically enrolled in a co-branded email cadence promoting the appropriate protection plan.

Review your contract terms and file a claim

Customers can view a summary of the terms of their coverage, in plain English, on hiclyde.com at any time. Filing a claim on hiclyde.com is a quick, easy, and hassle-free process. Just click ‘File a Claim,’ and fill out a short form describing what happened. Customers can view the status of their claim in real-time under their product’s history.

Closing the Customer Loyalty Loop

With the all-new hiclyde.com, retailers will be able to provide the best end-to-end product protection experience in the industry. From the point-of-purchase, throughout a customer’s use and enjoyment of a product, to a repeat purchase, Clyde is there.