This week, Clyde announced that Pamela Schneider will be joining the company as its new Vice President of Warranty. 

Schneider has been steering financial services and insurance companies to new heights of performance and profitability for over two decades. In recent years, Pam served in a series of executive positions for The Warranty Group, which was one of the world’s leading providers of warranty solutions and related insurance products, with operations in over 35 countries and  more than $5 Billion in assets before it was acquired by Assurant. As VP of the Andean Region in South America, she held full P&L accountability and provided bold ideas and forward-thinking leadership to optimize marketing, sales, business strategy, and operations in Colombia, Peru, and Chile. 

In 2018, she launched Crescimento, Inc., a strategic consulting firm catering to organizations in the insurance, financial services, fintech, and insurtech space. 

“As Clyde’s warranty arm develops, Pam will be an invaluable partner and guide to the team. Pam’s vision as a skilled strategist pairs perfectly with her executional track record within the warranty space,” said Clyde CEO, Brandon Gell. “As a technology company, we can only solve problems that we truly understand. With Pam’s guidance, we can help businesses overcome their most challenging obstacles, while innovating in new and exciting ways.”

“As the warranty space continues to evolve, it’s the perfect time to begin my journey with Clyde,” said Schneider. “This company’s technology platform has the potential to provide its customers with more value and innovation than anyone else in the industry. It’s that ambition and potential that drew me to Clyde.” 

We sat down with Pam over the holidays to discuss what drew her to Clyde and why she’s so excited for what lies ahead. 

What drew you to Clyde?

I have worked in this industry for a long time and have mentored insurtech companies during the past three years, so my interests and expertise align perfectly with Clyde. Once I met Brandon and Jereme it became clear that they had the vision and the passion to transform this industry. And that’s exactly what this space needs, new leadership to reimagine things from the ground up. And because I’m joining at this time in the company’s history, I have a chance to start fresh, without being encumbered by a bunch of constraints. That’s a truly exciting proposition to me and allows me to use my skill set fully from day one. 

What needs to change within the warranty space and what should be left intact?

Consumers were drawn to warranties in the first place because of the promise of peace of mind. People purchase coverage because they want to know if something goes wrong that they are covered and that the company they bought it from has a simple solution, be it a repair or a replacement. That remains true regardless of the business model. 

Outside of that core concept of protection, the industry is really ripe for transformation. For starters, the entire process has, historically, not been customer-centric. The main focus for companies was to drive revenue, which is undoubtedly important. But you don’t need to sacrifice the customer experience to drive revenue. When I was at The Warranty Group, we would discuss the benefits of a simplified claims process for customers. If you reimagine claims by making it as easy as scanning a barcode, or inputting a few pieces of data, all of a sudden you could create a user-friendly experience. And while that hasn’t been the standard within the industry, an enhanced user experience is certainly in line with what other consumer-facing sectors are creating. Simplifying the claims process by taking it online is just a single example of what a company like Clyde is doing, that a traditional legacy provider would be hard pressed to accomplish. 

Why should manufacturers (OEMs) be interested in working with Clyde?

As a sector that sells a lot of warranties, OEMs have the potential to use Clyde in a plug and play manner at scale. Traditional legacy providers simply can’t help them the way that Clyde can, and in some cases those providers aren’t even willing to compete in that space. And I know for a fact that there are a lot of manufacturers who are running their own programs that would be thrilled to utilize Clyde’s technology to enhance their customers' experience. Manufacturers are ready to leverage technology, they just need to be shown the value and taught the process so that they can utilize a platform like Clyde to run their existing programs.