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Why Clyde?

Our API and ecommerce plugin make it simple to improve your bottom line and offer a great service to your customers.

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Turn risk-free, passive profit on autopilot

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Connect directly to the highest-rated insurers for seamless underwriting and administration

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Drive additional sales when claims are approved

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100% free to offer! You keep your margins and we collect the premium

Clyde connects businesses, insurers, and customers

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Clyde handles relationships with insurers, administrators, and customers - you increase your bottom line

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Clyde opens up untapped industries and markets through our API, giving insurers access to the future of online and in-store sales

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Clyde optimizes contract matching for your products, ensuring your customers receive the best price, value, and service

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Offer protection at the POS, drive risk-free passive revenue directly to your bank account

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Our Partners

We partner with insurers and administrators to supply vertical specific protection and to be a solution for their private integrations. Want to use Clyde’s technology to onboard stores and deliver contracts? Reach out today.

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