Offer product protection, drive revenue.

Clyde empowers businesses—from startups to enterprises—to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers. Our plans slot into your current purchase flow so you can be up and running in minutes.

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The extended warranty platform that drives revenue and customer loyalty

Clyde gives you the opportunity to offer an exceptional customer experience and peace of mind when customers need you most—when something goes wrong. And what's more, Clyde gives you the opportunity to increase average order value and revenue every time you sell a product.

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With Clyde, you can generate an additional 
 in risk-free, passive profit annually.
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Our portfolio of insurance partners maximizes coverage and optimizes prices

We leverage a competitive network of insurance partners to offer extended warranties and accident protection plans on a huge range of products. Our plans cover warranty extensions, wear and tear, water damage and even accidents, for up to five years.

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A seamless customer experience, at the point of purchase and after

Clyde's clear, customizable calls-to-action make purchasing product protection a breeze. We make contract information and filing claims simple, transparent, and intuitive, and we manage the entire claims process end-to-end, so your customers can use their plans when they need them, and you can focus on creating and marketing great products.

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Ken Lebersfeld, President
Capitol Lighting
Capitol Lighting

"Capitol Lighting’s clients for upscale lighting and furniture expect a premium experience. With Clyde, we are now able to offer the total solution, along with the peace of mind, both before and after the sales."

Peter Coughlin, CEO
EVO Gimbals
EVO Gimbals

"Clyde enabled us to offer protection plans to our customers without having to spend time or money on a complicated integration. And the added revenue from selling plans is a nice bonus to our bottom line. Clyde is a no-brainer for any store owner looking to build brand credibility by offering a great value add to their end customer."

Kate Albers, eCommerce Manager

"Clyde has activated an additional revenue stream and allowed us to expand a new area of our business — yielding a better experience for our team and our customers.”

Michael Mayer, Cofounder
Windmill Air
Windmill Air

"Starting a new-age AC business, we knew we needed a seamless warranty program, but we had no idea where to begin. Then we found Clyde. The onboarding was super easy and our customers have had an amazing experience — the result is increased revenue without the backend hassle."

Cezanne Huq

"Clyde’s model was very attractive when we think about growing together. No matter what we charged the customer, the fee to us never changed. With Clyde’s model you don’t get penalized for being successful."

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New standards require a new experience

We're bringing extended warranties into the 21st century. Our technology platform seamlessly matches warranty contracts with your products and gives you full visibility into customer information, claims, and program performance. Clyde enables you to control the look, feel, and placement of calls-to-action, for a seamless purchase flow.

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Launch your warranty program in less than 5 minutes

Our platform integrates with your technology via eCommerce plugins and API connections.

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Drive revenue and customer loyalty with Clyde protection plans

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