Robust market, diverse coverage

We connect products to contracts, not businesses to insurers. That lets us constantly optimize for price, value, and service, giving your customers the best possible product.

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What we cover

Our contracts range from 100% replacement to in-house servicing. We offer classic extended warranties and protection from accidents and acts of nature (hello lightning) on a variety of products.

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Marketplace Approach

Because Clyde has had a marketplace approach from the start, we’re committed to offering your end customers the best protection at all times. We do this by maintaining solid relationships with insurers, holding them to the highest service standards, and openly considering new partners. Interested in joining the marketplace? Contact a member of our team to start a conversation.

Our Partners

We partner with insurers and administrators to supply vertical specific protection and to be a solution for their private integrations. Want to use Clyde’s technology to onboard stores and deliver contracts? Reach out today.

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