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Getting Started with Shopify

Installing Clyde's Shopify App

Setup on Shopify is easy. When you install Clyde’s Shopify app you’ll be taken through a 3-minute onboarding process. You can preview the steps to setup below.

  1. Install Clyde’s Shopify app
  2. Confirm your shop’s profile information. Learn more here.
  3. Customize your call-to-action. Learn more here.
  4. Connect your bank account.  Learn more here.
  5. Agree to our terms of service

Next Steps

Once you’ve finished setup, Clyde will match your products to protection plans. Then, you’ll be ready to go live on your site or in your store. Sit tight until Clyde reaches out to confirm launch – this usually takes less than 48 hours.

Custom PDPs, Add-to-cart Buttons and Themes

Custom Product Pages or Add-to-cart Buttons

Clyde offers a third option for placement of your Shopify call-to-action (CTA): “Custom”. This option is here in case the two defaults don’t work well with your Shopify theme. To set up a custom location for your CTA, follow the steps below:

  1. Identify the HTML element within your product page template that you want to append Clyde’s CTA to. You can also add a new HTML element in the exact spot you want your CTA to show up. For info on where to find this, read Shopify’s article on theme code.
  2. Add an ID to the element you chose or added. For this example, let’s use “my-example-id”. For example, `<div></div>` becomes `<div id="my-example-id"></div>`
  3. Open Clyde and go to the customize menu
  4. Select “Custom” in location settings
  5. Input the ID we used above, click save, and test
Setting a custom HTML Element
How to set a custom location for Clyde's Product Page CTA
Changes in Customize Are Instantaneous

Any changes you make in Customize will instantly be reflected on your live site assuming you’re launched.

Custom Storefronts

If you are utilizing Shopify’s CMS and checkout but have a custom built storefront, you’ll need to manually integrate Clyde’s front-end widget. This is because the Clyde Shopify app’s frontend is dependent on standard Shopify form structure and the Shopify script tag API.

Please see the getting started with widget page for details on what setup looks like. As a Shopify user integrating the widget you’ll receive additional information when a contract is selected, including a variant ID you can use to add the appropriate warranty to the cart alongside the product it’s covering.

Because you’ve installed Clyde’s Shopify app, your catalog will automatically be kept up to date with Clyde and orders will be reported to us automatically. Once you’ve set up the widget you’re totally good to go!

Licensing and Compliance

You must use Clyde’s widget for licensing and compliance reasons.