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Getting Started with Magento

Installing Clyde's Extension

Launching Clyde on Magento 2 is as easy as installing our extension. By installing this extension you’ll be connecting your system to Clyde via our API. Your product catalog will be synced to Clyde’s system, we’ll connect your products to contracts backed by our portfolio of insurers and administrators, and you will be able to prompt your users to add product protection to their purchase at the product page, catalog, and cart - all controllable through the Clyde Dashboard.

In order to use the Clyde Magento Extension you will need a Clyde account. To get set up with a Clyde account, please contact us at You’ll be able to create additional accounts for your team in your dashboard or by contacting your account manager.

Onboarding with Clyde

Once you’ve received your account information you’ll need to complete your signup with Clyde by going through our onboarding process. This will only take a few minutes.

  1. Log into the Clyde Dashboard at
  2. Fill in the contact information for whoever will be responsible for managing your warranty program, which we will use to register your business with our portfolio of insurers
  3. Customize your Call-To-Action look and feel
  4. Opt into our Autopilot Pricing or manually set the markup to be used for all contracts that you sell
  5. Connect a bank account for billing via ACH - this can be done via Stripe Microdeposits, or instantly via Plaid

Connecting your Magento Store with Clyde

  1. Locate your Clyde API keys in our Dashboard under the Settings menu (gear icon in sidebar)
  2. Copy your API keys from the Developers section of settings, and make sure you have chosen “Request signing” for API security options. If you are testing the Clyde Magento Extension on a staging site, make sure to select the test API keys. Any sales reported with live keys will be billed for - so keep the extension configured with test keys until you’re ready to go live.
  3. In your Magento Admin, navigate to System > Clyde
  4. Add your API keys to the fields and click Save. This will trigger a first time product sync to Clyde. Please note that until we have identified and matched your products to appropriate contracts, you will not see any changes on your site.
  5. You can now control your warranty program through Clyde’s Dashboard - any changes you make in the dashboard will be reflected on your site instantaneously
  6. Once you have finished testing Clyde on your site make sure to switch to live API keys
Do not forget to change your API keys from Test to Live

Only sales made with live keys configured will be recorded and eligible.