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Sales & Analytics

With Clyde’s dashboard you can review customers who have purchased contracts, as well as better understand the numbers behind your protection plan program. This is helpful for tracking your program’s performance and outfitting your customer success team with information needed to help customers.

Sales Tax

You must collect sales tax on the cost of the contract, just like you would collect sales tax on the sale of a product. Follow your state’s sales tax rules for the appropriate percentage. On applicable integrations, Clyde will automatically default contracts to being subject to sales tax.

Contract Sales

Tracking contract sales is extremely easy with Clyde. This is a useful tool for your customer success teams if, or when, they need to access specific information about a customer's contract.

To review contract sales, head over to the Sales page. Here, you can search for customers by various identifiers, including:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Clyde ID

Click on a row to view more information about that sale. The additional information includes details about:

  • The customer
  • The contract they purchased
  • The product they purchased coverage for
  • The status of the contract sale

Clyde ID

The Clyde ID is a useful tool for tracking contract sales in your ERP, especially if you're doing a manual integration with Clyde.

Location of a sale's Clyde ID
Clyde ID

Each sale’s “Clyde ID” is unique to that customer and contract.


Clyde provides analytics on your product protection program so you can see the money you’ve made from selling contracts. Open the Analytics page to see for yourself. Your account manager can also express information to you including but not limited to your highest performing items, attachment rate, and increase in AOV.


You can adjust the timeframe of your analytics using the scale in the top right of the page.

Location of timeframe adjustor

Contract Sales

If you click anywhere in the box containing "Contract sales" and its dollar value, the graph below shows you the total amount of revenue generated from your contract sales, including the contract’s premium and your margin.

Your Earnings

If you click anywhere in the box containing "Your earnings" and its dollar value, the graph shows your margin generated from contract sales.