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Program Management

The following sections cover program management, as well as key drivers of margin for your warranty program. By combining various tools within Clyde’s platform, you can leverage your offering to optimize for revenue, conversions or coverage of your product catalog.

Shop Profile

It is extremely important that Clyde has up-to-date profile information on your business. You’ll fill out this information during onboarding, and can edit it at any time on the Settings page. You’ll find the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of Clyde’s dashboard.

If you are a user with an email and password login, you can also change your password at any time in settings.

You Must Use a Direct Email Address

Your email must be a direct email address, not a catch-all. Important information about billing, invoices, and changes to your offering will be sent to this address.

Controlling Your Margin

It’s incredibly easy to control the margin your business earns from each contract sold. You can control these settings in the Contract settings page.

Your margin is controlled on a percentage basis based on the premium of the contract. For example, if the premium of a contract is $10, and you set your margin to 100%, your margin will be $10 and you’ll sell the contract for a total of $20.00.

Autopilot Margin

On the Contract settings page, when Autopilot Margins is turned "ON", Clyde uses analytics and insights across all our stores to optimize your margin, taking into account price sensitivity and attachment rate to drive more revenue.

Autopilot Margins "ON"
Optimize Revenue

We highly suggest you keep autopilot margin on to optimize your revenue.

Custom Margin

When you turn Autopilot Margins “OFF”, a Set Custom Margin section will appear with an input box, enabling you to set a custom margin for your store. Your custom margin must be between 1-200%. You can also opt-in to round your contract prices to the nearest $0.50 to maintain a clean look on your site.

Autopilot Margins "OFF"
Don't Forget to Launch Your Changes

If you adjust your margin, remember to click "Save" for your changes to take effect.

Managing Your Product/Contract Offerings

It’s super easy to control which of your products are offered with contracts from within Clyde’s dashboard. To adjust these settings, go to Clyde’s Product page to find the list of your products. There, you can toggle a product, or a product’s variants, on/off. When you save any changes you make, you’ll find that the chosen product’s contract will either show or not show, depending on the setting in dashboard.

Control individual variants within a product
Control Individual Variants

You're not limited to turning contract offerings on and off for products, but can do so for individual variants of your products. You can turn individual variants on or off within a product, while still keeping other variants on.

Understanding Your Contract Offerings

At Clyde, we make it easy for you and your customers to understand all aspects of your offerings. There are a few things that are helpful for your team to understand before you launch your program, especially if you’re selling in-stores or over the phone.

Understanding the Price of Your Contracts

Open Clyde’s dashboard and head to your Product page. There, click the caret of a product and variant you’re interested in learning more about. You’ll find a few pieces of information here:

  • The name of the contract and a link to the terms and conditions
  • The contract cost (i.e., the premium)
  • Your margin which is generated by your settings on the Contract settings page
  • The total cost of the contract (the contract cost + your margin)

Understanding the Value of Your Protection Plans

It is vitally important to understand what your customers are purchasing when they buy a Clyde protection plan. There are two ways for you to get this information.

  1. Review a product’s contract on by clicking on the name of the contract in the product/variants dropdown
  2. Export your rate sheet by clicking “Export Rate Sheet” on the Product page. Here, you’ll find contract information, plan benefits and additional info about the contracts, as well as the categories for which your protection plans apply.
How to export your rate sheet

Form and Manage a Team

Clyde enables stores using our API and Magento integration to create and manage a team of users. Store admins can add an unlimited number of users to their account and grant them different permissions.

Adding Team Members

To start adding users to your account, go to the Settings page in your dashboard (gear icon in the sidebar). In the User Management section, enter a new team member's email address and assign them either "User" or "Admin" privileges. When you click the "Create User" button, the new team member will be added and given login credentials

Managing Team Members

Once a user is created, Admins can change users' permissions, enable or disable accounts, and reset passwords at any time.

Creating and managing a team of users