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Customize Your Offering

Your purchase flow is an intimate moment between your business and your customers. Clyde is sensitive of this so we provide multiple options for connecting with your customers. Stores can select to display up to three different calls-to-action (CTA) on your site and to enable our Post Purchase offering. Clyde co-brands our offerings, satisfying sensitive regulation while still fitting within your brand and style. You can customize your CTAs on the Customize page or through configuring the widget if integrating manually.

CTAs and Prompt Location Settings

Clyde product protection plans can be offered in three different locations on your site:

  1. Product Page: Directly on the product detail page (exact location is customizable)
  2. Modal: An pop-up that appears on the product page after a product is added to cart
  3. Cart: Directly on the cart page and adjacent to the applicable product

In order to customize your CTA, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Customize page
  2. Select Modal, Product page and/or Cart options under the "Location" section to make your choice
  3. Click "Save"

Product Page Formatting

We offer two different styles for your product page prompt and multiple locations.

Style options include:

  1. Simple: triggers the modal for term options
  2. Select: term options live on your product page
  3. List: term options will be listed vertically on your product page. This option is best for websites with narrower layouts.

Prompt location options include:

  1. Above add-to-cart
  2. Below add-to-cart
  3. Custom location
Select Product Page Prompt
Simple Product Page Prompt
List Product Page Prompt


The modal is triggered after your customer adds a product to their cart. We highly suggest you use this CTA option as we've found it to be our most successful with no impact on conversion.

Modal Prompt


You can offer Clyde in your cart as a last chance opportunity to buy coverage. Protection plans added to the cart will show up as a line item or variant, depending on your platform.

Cart Prompt
A Clyde contract in the cart
Changes Occur Instantly

Any changes you save will instantly be reflected on your website, assuming the offering is live.

Optimize Your Program's Performance

For a high performing program with no effect on core product conversion, we recommend you use all three CTAs. If you’d prefer to use one or two, we recommend the product page and modal.


You can customize the color of your CTA to fit your brands palette. On the Customize page, simply adjust the HEX code by either (1) inputting a HEX code or by (2) clicking on the color square and selecting a color.

Remember to click “Save” after changing any settings.


Upload a logo to Clyde to co-brand your logo alongside ours. Click "Upload Image" under the Image section of the Customize page and select your logo. This is an awesome opportunity to drive customer lifetime value and associate your brand with product protection.

When you upload your logo to Clyde, keep in mind these requirements:

  • Recommended ratio: 200px width x 50px height
  • Max size: 1 MB
  • File format: JPG, PNG, SVG (we highly suggest you use PNG)
  • Background: Transparent or white
No Logo?

If you do not upload a logo, Clyde’s logo will be centered in the modal prompt (if it's turned on).

Display Name

Your display name will be used when referencing your store during communications between Clyde and the customer who purchased a contract. This name can be different than the “Shop Name” set on the Settings page – allowing you to display something like “My Cool Store”, instead of “My Cool Store LLC”.

When your customers purchase a protection plan they automatically receive a declarations email from Clyde with the following information:

  • The store where they bought their contract
  • The name of the product being covered
  • A link to their terms and conditions
  • The type of plan they purchased
  • The length of the plan
  • Their plan ID
Declarations email

Post Purchase

Post Purchase functionality allows a store's customers to buy protection plans after they have checked out from the store. This is a great way to increase passive revenue and customer loyalty.

Post purchase campaigns are merchant-led, giving you the flexibility to control the look and feel of your customer communications.