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Marketing Your Launch with Clyde

Clyde on Your Website

Launching with Clyde is an awesome occasion. Offering Clyde has shown to increase conversion, margin, and LTV – 20% of Clyde’s customers are repeat customers. We highly suggest that you run a campaign upon launch informing your customers about your new partnership, either through email or through social.

Following your launch you’ll want to place info about Clyde:

  1. In your top navigation
  2. As a section in your homepage or product page
  3. In your footer

Marketing Your Products with Clyde

Your launch with Clyde is a perfect occasion to reach out to customers, via email or through an ad campaign about the new capability of your business to offer them coverage on their products. We find that businesses that run campaigns upon launch see an uptick in attachment rate.

Interested in Running an Ad Campaign with Clyde?

If you’re running an ad campaign about your partnership with Clyde, reach out to your account manager about Clyde proactively adding credits to your account to help offset the cost of advertising.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Similar to abandoned cart emails, include the offer to add coverage in win-back emails. This will help convert customers that are concerned about the longevity of their purchase due to various potential factors.

Reminder customers that they can use this product for 3+ years, in collaboration with Clyde, is a great way to win back a customer.