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Marketing Clyde on Your Website

You can increase average-order-value and conversion by educating your customers on the benefits of a protection plan. We created a template for a page dedicated to Clyde on your website. You can copy word-for-word some sections but others you will need to customize. We provide copy, assets and instructions for customization in the document below.

The Protection Plan Page has five sections: header, partnership info, coverage benefits, how to add a protection plan to your purchase, and FAQs.

Protection Plan Page

In order to get the most out of your Clyde program you’ll want to build a dedicated page on your site that explains your relationship to Clyde and the extent of the coverage offered.

A protection plan page has the following sections:

  1. Co-branded header
  2. Partnership info
  3. Coverage benefits
  4. Where you can add Clyde’s coverage
  5. FAQs
Use Your Voice and Style

As always, we encourage you to do this in your own voice and style. Use the following as an example.

Download an example marketing webpage

Co-branded Header

Your product protection plan page should start with a co-branded hero section. This can be simple as Clyde’s logo + your logo. You can find Clyde’s logo in the assets section below (only available on desktop).

Here is an example of a co-branded header:

Example of a "co-branded header" section

Partnership Info

You can use the following text on your site to introduce your customers to Clyde.

“[Your businesses name] has teamed up with Clyde to offer top-tier product coverage. Coverage by Clyde is underwritten by A rated insurance carriers and comes with easy to understand terms, a simple claims process, and competitive pricing. By adding coverage to your purchase you can use our products knowing Clyde has your back.

Coverage Benefits

In order to view your programs specific coverage benefits, open up your Clyde dashboard and click the caret dropdown on a product. There, you click a link to your contract’s terms and conditions. You can use these summary icons and sentences on this page. See the assets section below to download your icons (only available on desktop).

Here is an example of a partnership and coverage benefits section:

Example of "Coverage benefits" section

Where You Can Find Clyde

Here, you can tell your customer where to find Clyde in their purchasing journey. This is specific to how you’ve customized your CTA, which you can change in the Customize page of your Dashboard.

Here is an example of this section:

Example of "Where you can find Clyde" section


Finally, you’ll want to include an FAQ section on this page. Below are examples of FAQ questions our customers often receive:

Q: What happens when I purchase a protection plan?

A: After you purchase a protection plan, Clyde will send you an email (your declarations page) with a link to view your terms and conditions on Clyde's customer portal, There, you can read a summary of your plan and file a claim. You'll also have the option to create an account for easy access to your coverage details at any time.

Q: How do I file a claim?

A: To file a claim, simply sign in to Clyde's customer portal,, and navigate to the product you need to submit a claim for. If this is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to create an account on HiClyde, and Clyde will auto populate all of your orders and contracts for you.

Q: Are contracts backed by an insurance company?

A: All Clyde contracts are backed by A-rated insurance partners. Clyde partners with a marketplace of insurers bringing you the highest quality coverage for the lowest price.

Q: What if I return my product?

A: If you return your product your contract will automatically be returned as well. Depending on when you return your item, you may receive a prorated amount for your contract depending on how much time the contract was in effect for.

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: You can learn more at or


Feel free to use these official assets across your website and marketing page