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Legal Notice

It is important that customers are presented with clear and transparent terms and conditions and guided through a seamless process. This approach embodies good business and customer-centric practices, and it is also required by law. It is for this reason that Clyde’s brand needs to be associated with the sale throughout the purchasing process and why Clyde sends sales information to customers after the sale.


For regulation and compliance reasons you may not sell Clyde contracts without Clyde’s branding and verbiage.

Suggestions for your Terms of Use

When you partner with Clyde, we gain access to certain information about your customers. We use this information solely for the purpose of providing our services. To fulfill some of our services, we will communicate with your customers over email. It is your responsibility to inform your customers how Clyde may be interacting with them. We recommend including the following provision in your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy:

We may share your personal information with third party vendors, consultants and other service providers that perform services on our behalf, in order to carry out their work for us.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

In-store Sales

When selling in-store, it is important for your floor managers to express that they are selling contracts in collaboration with Clyde. If you have any question about compliance, please reach out to

Understanding Terms

Service contracts are a regulated space and as such have terms specific to the laws guiding their regulation. The following terms are important for your managing team, and floor managers (if selling in-store) to understand:

Protection Plan: This references the contract between your customer and Clyde’s administrators/insurers that binds the insurer to repairing or replacing your customers items up to the cost of the item.

ADH: Accidental Damage from Handling

Limited Warranty: This is the warranty that comes with your products and is backed by your business or the manufacturer

Extended Warranty: An extended warranty “extends” your limited warranty

Extension: Extension contracts start at the end of the shortest period of your limited warranty
DOP: Date of purchase contracts start the date that the customer purchased the item

Term: This represents the length of the contract

Alert: You may not reference Clyde’s Protection Plans as “insurance” at any point on your website and marketing material.

Transparent & Honest

Federal and state laws require that you not make any deceptive or misleading statements with regard to service contracts. Some areas to consider to avoid confusion for your customers:

Coverage: only advertise coverage options that are actually accessible to your customers. You can review this information in Clyde’s dashboard.

Use of Clyde’s Name: Clyde must always be associated with contract sales.

Refund and Cancellation Policies: If a customer requests a refund after 30 days of owning their product, they might be subject to a prorated refund of their Clyde protection plan.

CAN-SPAM: Follow CAN-SPAM requirements whenever sending marketing by email.