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Getting Started with BigCommerce

This guide will help install and set up Clyde's BigCommerce app. Our app is built to have as seamless an installation as possible, and requires little to no coding. However, some storefronts with particular custom behaviors may want or need to customize their Clyde integration to better fit their brand, storefront flow, etc. This guide will cover the basics of installation and setup, as well as provide starting points for possible needed/desired customizations.


Click this link to install our BigCommerce app.

Note: BigCommerce will automatically log you in to your Clyde dashboard via the apps UI in the BigCommerce admin panel. While Clyde can be accessed at for other platforms, BigCommerce requires that our partners on their platform only log in to our app through the BigCommerce admin panel.


After installing, you will land at the start of Clyde's short onboarding process:

  1. First, fill out as much information as possible in your shop info. We need your contact information in case we ever need to reach you, and for insurance compliance reasons, we need your business's address info. We'll pull as much as we can automatically from BigCommerce, but would love for you to double-check that everything's filled out and accurate!
  2. Next, you can check out some of the customization options available that affect the look and behavior of your storefront Calls-To-Action. Detailed examples and more info are available on the page itself, and you can change these settings at any time after onboarding.
  3. Next is setting up billing. You can connect a bank account using Stripe microdeposits or Plaid instant verification. If you opt for Stripe, remember that your microdeposits can take a few days to appear in your bank account, and that the values to verify the account should be entered in cents exactly as they appear in your bank. You can set up billing during onboarding or afterwards, but you won't be able to start selling contracts before this is done.
  4. The last item in onboarding is reviewing and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions here or throughout onboarding, feel free to reach out to and we'll work with you on any questions or problems!
  5. Once you're done onboarding, Clyde's got some work to do! We will review your catalog and assign warranties to be presented to your customers. Once that's done, you're ready to launch contracts to your site.

Storefront Call-to-Action (CTA) Behavior

Our app's CTAs leverage the BigCommerce storefront graphQL API, a feature available to all BigCommerce stores using a stencil theme. This feature is available but not necessarily enabled for your store. You can reach out to BigCommerce support to get it enabled and use our CTAs straight out of the box.

By default, our BigCommerce app comes with three prompts: Product page, Modal, and Cart. You can turn any of these prompts on or off from your Clyde dashboard's CTA page. Due to the custom nature of BigCommerce carts in particular, the cart prompt on your cart page requires the addition of a single line to your cart's theme code. Each line item rendered on your cart page should have an empty HTML <div> appended to the spot where you want to see a prompt added. The exact structure should be the following:</div>

<div class="clyde-cart-attach-point" data-item-id="{{id}}"></div>

Note: the {{id}} in handlebars format is the ID of the line item.

Custom CTA Behavior using the Clyde Widget

Sometimes Clyde's out-of-the-box CTAs don't work exactly as you want, or break because of a particular setup on your store page. Though we strive to keep our integrations as general as possible and support as many different setups as we can, some behaviors are too custom for us to be able to work with automatically. If you have a very custom setup on your storefront, reach out to us and we can either configure your CTAs from our end to solve the issue, and if all else fails, get you started with Clyde's widget.

The widget is a script you can add to your store in place of the default storefront script that builds your CTAs. Using the widget, you can build all of the Clyde prompts to satisfy whatever custom behavior needed for your shop. For more information, check out the widget docs here.

Note: Clyde's app relies on the assets provided only in BigCommerce Stencil themes. In order to use Clyde in a BigCommerce shop that uses Blueprint, you'll need to set your CTAs up using our widget.