Drive additional sales and revenue

Clyde can increase your average order value and generate risk-free revenue. Plus your customers get a great service—rock solid protection plans that make them feel more confident about your products and brand.

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Simple e-commerce integration and in-store solutions

Our app integrates with your website—or at the sales counter—in minutes. You run your store exactly as normal, and we handle every aspect of your protection plan offering. You can even use our dashboard to set your offerings to autopilot and we’ll constantly optimize their pricing to increase your conversions and margin.

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A completely seamless shopping experience

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Customers purchase protection plans natively through your store and pay for them in your normal checkout process.

You control the look, feel and placement of your CTA’s and we email customers clear contract information.

Fair, hassle-free billing

Clyde is free to use—we only get paid when you sell a plan. When a protection plan is sold you collect the full sale price, including the insurer's premium, Clyde's service fee, and your margin. Your margin is the extra revenue you make on top of the premium and service fee.

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Connect your bank account and collect your margin.

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Free to use and you can stop offering plans at any time.

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The tools to build confidence in your products and loyalty to your brand.

Increase revenue by offering reliable product protection plans

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