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Running a business is a lot of work – let us do the heavy lifting. Integrate our ecommerce plugin in less than 3 minutes.

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Integration & Onboarding

We handle the connection to your storefront so you can offer coverage at the point-of-sale. You control your protection program through Clyde's admin portal.

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Install Clyde

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Confirm your information and customize your offering.

We love the way you look! White-label your offering and customize your CTA.

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Connect your bank account

We pull our service fee and the insurer's premium; you keep your margins. That's passive revenue direct to your bottom line.

Engage autopilot or set your own margins

Autopilot combines insights from our partners with our own analytics to drive conversions and maximize margins.

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Offer protection at the point of sale

Customers can add protection to their purchase as part of your normal checkout process.

Clyde instantly offers protection in 48 states. We handle licensing in CA and FL during onboarding.

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Autopilot makes driving revenue passive.

Control your autopilot settings in Clyde's admin portal.


Clyde automatically connects all your new and updated products with contracts. This is always on.


Clyde automatically optimizes the sales price of contracts to drive the most conversions and give you the highest margins.


When you upload a new product, we’ll automatically connect it to contracts and launch the offering live to your website.

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Customers purchase protection natively through your website.

  • Customers are offered protection based on the preferences you set.
  • Contracts are paid for in your store’s normal checkout process.
  • We automatically collect information on the sale and email the customer with their terms and conditions. They can check their contract information whenever they want at
Icon of the claims process


When a claim is approved we report it in your dashboard.

  • Your customer has a problem with a product they purchased.
  • Your customer calls Clyde to file a claim. This usually gets taken care of in the first call.
  • When a claim is approved, we either reimburse your customer for the product’s original price, dispatch a team for on-site servicing, or fix it at one of our service centers.
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You keep 100% of your risk-free margin.

  • Clyde uses Stripe so your banking info is secure at all times.
  • We collect insurer's premiums nightly through ACH.
  • You're free to stop offering Clyde at any time. We'll charge your account one last time for outstanding premiums.

Start making risk-free, passive revenue today.

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