This June, Clyde hosted our first booth at IRCE in Chicago's McCormick Place. Here's why we took product protection to an international ecommerce event hosted at the largest convention center in North America.

Clyde's solution was unique

We went to Chicago for more than baseball and salad-topped hot dogs. We attended the conference for three reasons:

  1. To meet our existing customers in person
  2. To develop relationships with new customers and partners
  3. To better understand the landscape in which our customer exist

At an event hosting more than 6000 vendors, Clyde was the only insurtech offering product protection. Similarly, IRCE was a unique opportunity for our team. This conference gave us the chance to connect with people and businesses that may not attend more targeted ecommerce platform events.

Our experience was worth the flight

IRCE provided a fantastic forum for us to develop relationships with both our retail partners and like minded companies working with similar businesses. During almost every conversation we have with partners, we get asked for suggestions on other tools to use. Clyde’s referral partner program places us in a great position to share micro service partnerships with our existing retail clients. 

As for next year, Clyde has already locked down a booth twice as big. We're looking forward to presenting our expanded product line and partner relationships.

How to prep for IRCE

For any retailer who plans to attend IRCE for the first time in 2020, here are some quick recommendations to get the most out of the event:

  1. Go to the conference with a plan: What new tools do you need? Where does your online or physical store need help? What new product or service are you looking to launch?
  2. Lock down meetings with businesses and partners you want to talk to at least a couple weeks in advance. Too often, a walk by a booth has you talking to the wrong person. Set meetings and stick to them.
  3. Attend the right talks. Ask yourself, is what I’m about to listen to something I could Google the answer to on my phone? If it is, skip it and use that time to walk around the floor.
  4. Set a meeting with Clyde and learn how offering product protection increases customer loyalty and drive serious revenue :-)

IRCE is an amazing event for learning about the industry, making connections, and moving your business forward. At Clyde we had enough impactful conversations that we locked down our attendance next year after the first 12 hours at the conference. We highly suggest you join us!