New York - May 1, 2019, Clyde has launched a new technology platform allowing online retailers to offer seamless product protection plans. Clyde’s first integration was with Shopify where they developed an onboarding process that requires no coding whatsoever. The Clyde platform will include integrations with the Shopify App Store and Magento Marketplace, as well as an API, SDK and widget, and a solution for in-store sales.

The updates will make Clyde’s product protection solutions accessible to businesses from direct-to-consumer startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.

“Clyde is the first mover in this space and our technology and partnerships with customers reflect that,” said co-founder and CEO, Brandon Gell. “Clyde is rethinking insurance in modern terms, and bringing features to the table that traditional insurers simply don't offer. Our new Magento extension is giving even more retailers turnkey access to Clyde, and our new suite of developer tools allows businesses, regardless of eCommerce platform, to get up and running with a minimal level of effort.”

In a survey of Clyde’s contracts sold in the electronics, equipment and jewelry categories, 21% were made by repeat customers. This allows Clyde’s retail partners to increase their sales revenue and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Research shows that three-quarters of consumers abandon their shopping carts before completing a purchase. Yet, industry trends also show customers are willing to pay more for quality experiences and transparency. Clyde addresses these insights by providing customer education and product transparency for today’s retail customers. By emphasizing user experience design and driving data insights into customer loyalty as well as warranty sales, Clyde helps retailers address customers from the first sale to loyal repurchaser.

“At the end of the day Clyde is really a no-brainer for any store owner looking to build more credibility with their brand by offering a great value add to their end customer,” said EvoGimbals CEO Peter Coughlin.

"Clyde has been a fantastic addition to our business. The installation onto our Shopify website was easy and seamless… A shout-out to Clyde's support as all of our interactions have been overwhelmingly positive,” said Soul Ceramics owner TJ Biddle.

The Magento extension from Clyde gives Magento partners a Shopify-like onboarding experience, immediate access to Clyde’s network of insurance partners, and an all-in-one dashboard for program management.

Ecommerce integrations don’t end there, as Clyde is set to release options for custom built sites. Clyde’s API, SDK, and widget for front-end design make access to the Clyde platform universal for websites, physical POS’s, and apps.

About Clyde

Clyde is an insurance technology service provider based in New York City and focused on product protection solutions. Founded in 2017, Clyde was the first insurtech to enter the product protection market. By aggregating distinct retailer product pools and decreasing risk to insurers, Clyde expanded the insurable market to include products sold by retailers of all sizes. Designed to smooth the path to purchase with seamless UX, retailers can customize Clyde’s calls-to-action and modals from the product page to the cart. Clyde helps retailers meet customer expectations for transparency by making coverage details easy to find before purchase and after.

Clyde’s $3M seed round was led by Red Sea Ventures in 2018 also included EXPA, Techstars, RRE Ventures, Rainfall, Summit Action, Correlation Ventures, Knightsgate, Starting Line, and Venture for America.