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July Feature Update

Brandon Gell
July 30, 2018

Record contract sales in Shopify admin and in the Shopify POS app, without limitations on what quantities contracts can be sold in.

Record contract sales in Shopify admin and in the Shopify POS app without needing to include a product.

Rollup of variants into individual products.

Control contract offerings for individual variants.

Good to know:

In Shopify POS:

  • All sales must be recorded with a customer, and that customer must have an email address and a shipping address. If you forget to add this information, we'll notify you and prompt you to update the order in Shopify Admin.

In Shopify Admin:

  • An email address can be added on the right-hand side of an order, and a Shipping/Billing address can be added below the email address. If an order containing a contract is marked as "Paid", but we're missing email address, address, or both, we'll automatically send an email (to the email on file with Clyde) notifying you of the Order # that is missing information. Once the needed information is added, the sale will finish processing.

Variants roll-up into products and can be controlled independently

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