API customers can now pull lists of eligible contracts

A new route has been added to the API that gives visibility to all contracts that your store has been matched with. This route can be used to retrieve a full contract list and to import that list to your CMS.

API keys are now available through dashboard

API keys are now available in the settings menu within Clyde’s dashboard for API and Magento customers, as well as through the custom Shopify widget.

Clyde analytics now offers multidimensional views

Accessible at the dashboard, retailers can view multidimensional analytics with number of contracts sold, contract revenue generated, store profit and total product value covered. All analyses are available at preset and custom date range intervals.

New vertical list CTA fits narrower layouts

Product page CTAs got a better-fit update with a new vertical orientation available to all stores. The new vertical 'List' orientation for CTA placement accommodates narrower layouts easily. Go to dashboard to try this new CTA format.

Magento and API stores can now form teams and manage users

Now retailers can activate entire teams as either admin or basic users. There is no limit to a store’s number of users. 

Product images on dashboard just got better

Product placeholder images are now populated when image links are unavailable or broken.