We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain and unprecedented times. We’ve been hard at work this month to improve the Clyde experience for you and your customers. Here’s what’s new:

Insights to optimize your program’s performance

When you log into the Dashboard, you’ll now see a whole host of new program performance data in the Performance tab to help optimize your program. 

Attach rate is one of the most important metrics of your program’s performance—it tells you what percentage of orders were purchased with a Clyde contract. Clyde’s Customer Success team will work with you to optimize your attach rate with our customizable calls to action and margins.

Contract sales, revenue, and gross profit are now broken out by e-commerce orders and post-purchase sales, so you can better understand where your contract sales are coming from.

The number of claim submissions and claim rate will give you insights into the performance of your products and help inform product development and customer support needs.

You will also see the average product value (the average price of a product purchased with a contract) and the average contract value. This gives you more insight into the types of products your customers purchase warranties for.

Build out large B2B orders in Clyde

Clyde can now support business-to-business orders and contract sales. Build out large B2B orders in Clyde and add protection plans to the products in the order within seconds.

A more seamless claims experience

We have improved the claims form so that your customers have more transparency into the claims process and claims are resolved faster.

Auto-adjudication allows us to instantly process claims. For claim issues that fall within the limited warranty period, we now offer your customers a warm handoff to your support page, giving them the resources they need to resolve their claims.

Customers can view in real-time the status of their claim in the Clyde customer portal and will receive email updates as statuses change for increased transparency into the claims process. In addition, we’ve built various measures into the form to protect against fraudulent claims.