Our 8 Favorite Ecommerce Plugins

Jacob Stein
July 20, 2018

Many companies are recognizing the importance of focusing more of their efforts on their core competencies.  As a result, they are outsourcing various aspects of their operations to B2B SaaS companies in order to reduce time and resources spent dealing with things that are less important to them.  

Fortunately, there are a growing number of businesses that can handle tasks like email automation, manage loyalty and rewards programs, and even facilitate the sale of extended warranties.  Brands can be more successful when they can focus less on operational tasks and more on developing awesome products and experiences.

Here are 8 slick apps that allow businesses to focus less on operations and more on their core competencies:

1. Stripe - Payment Processing

Stripe has quickly become the go-to payment processing solution for online businesses.  They deal with financial institutions, banks, and regulators so online businesses can focus on the things that matter more to their brand. Learn more here.

2. Affirm - Online Purchase Financing

Affirm allows consumers to easily finance purchases they buy online. The company prides itself on providing customers fair and transparent pricing.  Affirm is popping up on some of the biggest stores in ecommerce. Learn more here.

3. Optimizely - A/B Testing

Optimizely takes the guesswork out of creating digital experiences.  While this tool can be used to improve a business’s core product offering, Optimizely is also great for advertising and marketing teams that need to test and experiment with campaigns on the fly. Learn more here.

4. Clyde - Product Protection

The US market for extended warranties is $40 billion annually, yet is dominated by only a handful of massive companies (think Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Walmart).  Clyde, however, is democratizing the extended warranty market by making it possible for insurers to protect products sold by any retailer. With Clyde, retailers can offer their customers a valuable service while earning risk-free, passive revenue. Learn more here.

5. MailChimp - Email Automation

MailChimp allows email marketers to set up intelligent workflows based on web browsers’ activities.  For example, if a shopper adds items to his cart but leaves the site before checking out, MailChimp can send an email to the shopper reminding him that there are still items in his cart. Learn more here.

6. Gusto - HR

Gusto is a cloud-based SaaS company that automates and manages businesses’ HR, payroll, and benefits.  It’s especially tailored for smaller businesses and the basic package is free. Learn more here.

7. Swell - Rewards Programs

The importance of brand loyalty and customer retention goes without saying.  Swell Rewards makes it easy to design and manage a tailor-made rewards program.  Incentive marketing is a proven tactic to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. Learn more here.

8. Intercom - Customer Support

Something else that needs little explanation is the value of responsive and efficient customer support.  Intercom allows businesses to communicate in real time with shoppers right on their own websites. Companies that communicate with customers through Intercom are able to reduce their response times to customer inquiries by as much as 70%.  Intercom also encourages customers to provide feedback on businesses’ support performance and offers a robust analytics suite so businesses can understand how they can improve. Learn more here.

While it’s possible for businesses to engineer solutions that each of these apps addresses, that would be costly, time-consuming, and would detract from a business’s focus on doing what it’s best at.  Brands that focus on playing up their strengths rather than struggling to make up ground for their weaknesses will be the most successful.

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