Clyde has grown significantly over the past year, so we re-branded and launched major updates to our platform.

Selling warranties isn’t a retailer’s business, just like accepting credit cards, offering financing, or building content management systems isn’t their expertise. Retailers build businesses to do two things – sell their core product(s) and develop strong relationships with customers. There are infinite ways to do this better, but if you can’t sell product, then you don’t have a business.

At Clyde, we talk to online, in-store, direct to consumer, and enterprise retailers daily. We hear about what they’re working on, what they’re struggling with, and what they’re hoping to achieve. We’ve had over 1000 businesses install our app, had countless retailers reach out asking when we’ll be available on their platform, for advice on their existing warranty programs, or how to optimize their conversion. We’ve matched Clyde’s contracts to over 300,000 products (instantly), have achieved an attachment rate over 10%, surpassing the industry average of  4%, and are giving startup to Fortune 1000 businesses access to enterprise technology. Technology that the best insurers in the industry are asking for access to.

We’ve learned a lot over a short period of time – most of all, you shouldn’t have to understand the insurance industry to be successful at selling contracts. Your business has one focus, to sell product.

We learned to speak insurance so you don’t have to.

Over the past two years we’ve also had the chance to really understand our customers. We have three different kinds:
  1. Businesses that never thought of offering product protection, but choose to do so with Clyde.
  2. Businesses that switch to Clyde from an existing insurer, usually because their existing programs perform really poorly, have a bad NPS, or they were fed up with their insurers technology (or lack of it).
  3. Businesses that keep their insurance partners, but choose to use Clyde’s technology. Our programs perform significantly better and our tech facilitates collection of data that wasn’t previously useful to a business or insurer.
Today, I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of numerous things we’ve been working on in 2019:
  1. Our new brand — we’ve updated our website, calls-to-action, and dashboard. Clyde is customer lifetime value. Clyde is protection plans.
  2. Documentation — learn everything you need to know to launch and find success with Clyde, on any platform.
  3. Magento — our extension makes onboarding and launch a trivial process
  4. Widget — use our widget for custom Shopify storefronts and API/SDK integrations
  5. API/SDK — Use our Node and PHP libraries to integrate Clyde with your custom system. Combine this with widget for truly seamless integration.
  6. In-store — Clyde now works with any in-store retail business or chain. Use our dashboard for in-person sales, give accounts to floor managers, and sell in quantities. Integrate Clyde’s API for chains that use the same POS.

Clyde is about creating stronger businesses with healthier customer relationships. We drive lifetime value of a customer because we know having customers, for a long time, is a business's key to success. This key learning is core to Clyde’s new brand, the expansion of our platform, and every decision we make moving forward. Clyde is product protection, and we partner with retailers, from pre-revenue D2C brands to the largest of enterprises, to literally insure LTV.